LPIC-1 training manuals available in German


The Linup Front LPIC-1 training manuals are now available for free download from this site. Enjoy!

Here are a few questions that you might have:

You say I can change this stuff, and it's under CC-BY-SA. Do you expect me to hack PDF?
Not really. The books are actually in LaTeX, and I'll put the LaTeX sources up in due course.
Will the LaTeX be reasonable to work with?
Worked for me for the last ten years ;^) Having said that, they're probably a bit idiosyncratic in places, and they require a non-standard build system which is not entirely trivial to set up because it has never been “productised”. But all of that is going to be released, and the more people play with it, the better it will become.
What about repositories, issue tracking, and so on?
Hang in there, we'll get around to that.

Don't hold your breath though – I have leave left over and was planning to take most of the rest of the month off. (I'll probably do some hacking but not on tuxcademy; not all of the time anyway.) So if you don't see much movement here until 2016, don't worry. It will all be sorted out in good time.

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Ahsan 8 years, 6 months ago

I selected 5 but honestly I don't really know whether 5 or 1 indicates the best (pardon my dumbness :) ). I assumed 5 implies "I liked this post most" so I selected 5. :)

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Nicolas 8 years, 4 months ago

I worked with your material first in 2005. They are very good ! Keep on.

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Helmut 8 years, 3 months ago


ich danke dir für die Unterlagen für einen Windows verseuchten Admin wie mich, genau das richtige. Nehme mir schon seit mindestens 2 Jahre vor die LPIC Prüfung abzulegen, glaube jetzte werde ich es nochmal angreifen.

Viele Grüße

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