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It's February now and some more news from tuxcademy are long overdue! I spent some time in January tweaking the LaTeX sources for the LPIC-1 manuals in order to get them ready for publication, so there has not been a lot of visible change to the web site.

Many of you have written to ask after the LPIC-2 manuals, and since there have been lots of requests for those and no requests at all for access to the LaTeX source code :-( I decided to prioritise making the LPIC-2 manuals available (which means that the LaTeX sources will still be published in due course). Some of them really should be revised for currency but most are actually in reasonably decent shape (I'll put in warnings where required). So expect LPIC-2 content to show up here during the next few weeks, and as usual we'll be glad to hear of anything you find that could be corrected or improved.

Oh, and sorry, but most of our LPIC-2 materials are only available in German so far. I would be especially happy if somebody wanted to help with a translation to English (or for that matter any other language), so if you want to make quality Linux training materials available for free in your country or culture, the tuxcademy training manuals are one of the better places to start – and remember, you even get to sell them as long as you let people access the sources and make copies for their friends!

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