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Well, here we are! It's great to be still around. But we were all pretty sure that the Linup Front training materials were much too good to let them just disappear – so they'll be reincarnated on this site under the auspices of the new open-source project, tuxcademy.

This is all quite new to all of us, so here's a quick overview of what will happen during the next weeks (or, more realistically, months):

  1. This site will be improved to a point where we can make the first few training manuals available. I'm thinking the LPIC-1 curriculum as PDF files. These manuals will need a bit of a redesign to look less like Linup Front manuals – but they won't look that different, promise!
  2. We will also make available the LaTeX sources required to build the PDFs. This is not entirely trivial because they are using a few “house styles” and a custom build system, but we'll get to it.
  3. Then we will add the remainder of the training manual portfolio.
  4. Once we're here, we're basically at the point where we were when Linup Front GmbH ceased to exist. We can now rethink what we're doing, see what we can improve, react to your suggestions and incorporate your improvements and additions, and so on. Bliss!

Somewhere along the road we will also make tuxcademy a legal entity (a German “eingetragener Verein”, or “registered association”) so that we can accept donations that will help us pay for server hosting and perhaps to attend a Linux event or two a year. We have a very kind sponsor (MAX21, the company that used to own most of Linup Front GmbH) but of course we'd like to be as independent as we can be.

We're looking forward to exciting times. What do you think?

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Ahsan 7 years, 12 months ago

Hello Anselm,

I have been a silent reader and fan of manuals produced by Linup Front quite for a long time.
I came to know about Linup Front manuals a bit late (I already passed the Linux Essentials and LPIC-1 exam), however, I still find them useful and consult them occasionally for my job. I am happy to see them available under CC. At the same time, I am sad to know that Linup Front ceased to exist, however, I really hope that you and the team will keep up the good work under the new name as well.

One suggestion is to concentrate on the marketing. Before passing the LPIC-1 exam, I was hardly aware of Linup Front or the material produced by it. Perhaps, you can concentrate a bit more on marketing so that this useful material is really accessible and your efforts are duly regarded. Some information about tuxacademy should be in Linux Format, Linux Magazine, Linux-mag etc. so that you can address the wider audience in Linux community.

I am planning to go for LPIC-2. During Linup Front era, I saw that some material was available under LPIC-2 material section but it was entirely in German. Are there any plans to convert that material into English too.
Will they be available under CC.

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Anselm Lingnau 7 years, 11 months ago

Hi Ahsan –

Thank you very much for your kind words. Here are a few quick answers to your queries: (a) We do plan to market tuxcademy more aggressively, but we would also hope for our readers to spread the word. Now that the manuals are available under CC, this should have less of a blatant-commercial aftertaste. (b) We have some LPIC-2 stuff in German. This needs updating and translation to English, and I will probably not be in a position to do all of this myself single-handedly. Again, this is an opportunity for dedicated people to contribute some effort (hint: if you're studying for LPIC-2 exams, looking at stuff and making notes is a great way of giving us a head-start on actual learning-manual prose. You don't need to be a writer yourself to help.) (c) Everything from tuxcademy is going to be under CC-BY-SA. I'll be working on making LaTeX source code for the existing manuals available ASAP.

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Richard 7 years, 9 months ago

Hallo Aselm,

Ich bin erst seit kurzen auf tuxcademy gestoßen. Ich fand es natürlich schade das es wohl den "groß-betrieb" so nicht mehr gibt. Aber ich finde es umso bedeutsamer das die Freien Schulungsunterlagen nicht einfach aus der Welt verschwinden. Ich hab dort mal reingeschaut, sie haben wirklich eine außergewöhnlich hohe Qualität.

Es ist gut, das es eine Anlaufstelle geben wird wo man die Unterlagen pflegen, d.h. verbessern und für die Zukunft erhalten kann.

viele Grüße

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René Hernandez 6 years, 3 months ago

Hi to all:

Im proud to announce that i got the LPIC-1 Certification, and sincerely, i did it thanks to your help.
Im trying to obtain the LPIC-2 Certification with the aid of your training manuals but i dont´t know nothing about german, Do you have in mind translate these manual to english?

Best Regards.

René Hernandez

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