Concise Linux An Introduction to Linux Use and Administration

This manual offers a concise introduction to the use and administration of Linux. It is aimed at system administrators who have had some experience using other operating systems and want to transition to Linux, but is also suitable for the use at schools and universities.

The manual incorporates selected chapters from the tuxcademy manuals Introduction to Linux, Linux Administration I, Advanced Linux, and Linux Administration II. Topics include a thorough introduction to the Linux shell, the vi editor, and the most important file management tools as well as a primer on basic administration tasks like user, permission, and process management. We present the organisation of the file system and the administration of hard disk storage, describe the system boot procedure, the configuration of services, the time-based automation of tasks and the operation of the system logging service. The course is rounded out by an introduction to TCP/IP and the configuration and operation of Linux hosts as network clients, with particular attention to troubleshooting, and chapters on the Secure Shell and printing to local and network printers.

Together with the subsequent volume, Concise Linux – Advanced Topics, this manual covers all of the objectives of the LPI's LPIC-1 certificate exams and is therefore suitable for exam preparation.

Fundamentals LPIC-1


  • Introduction
  • Using the Linux System
  • Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Shell?
  • Getting Help
  • The vi Editor
  • Files: Care and Feeding
  • Standard I/O and Filter Commands
  • More About The Shell
  • The File System
  • System Administration
  • User Administration
  • Access Control
  • Process Management
  • Hard Disks (and Other Secondary Storage)
  • File Systems: Care and Feeding
  • Booting Linux
  • System-V Init and the Init Process
  • Systemd
  • Time-controlled Actions—cron and at
  • System Logging
  • System Logging with Systemd and “The Journal”
  • TCP/IP Fundamentals
  • Linux Network Configuration
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • The Secure Shell
  • Software Package Management Using Debian Tools
  • Package Management with RPM and YUM


German [de] [at] [ch]

  • Student Manual (PDF, A4, 525 pages)
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English [gb] [nz] [us]

  • Student Manual (PDF, A4, 484 pages)
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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