Advanced Linux The Linux Shell and Toolkit

This manual is aimed at advanced Linux users and provides them with tools for even more productive use of the system. Based on the manual Introduction to Linux or comparable knowledge, it contains an introduction to the advanced use of the Bourne-Again Shell and shell programming which is enhanced through numerous practical examples. Various other topics provide a well-rounded and practically useful overview of the »Linux tool chest«.

This manual presumes that you are well-versed in using the Linux command line and the most important commands (loosely based on the objectives for the LPI-101 exam). You should also be confident to use a text editor. System administration knowledge is not strictly necessary but will not hurt at all; parts of this manual are mostly useful to system administrators.

Fundamentals LPIC-1


  • Shell Generalities
  • Shell Scripts
  • The Shell as a Programming Language
  • Practical Shell Scripts
  • Interactive Shell Scripts
  • The sed Stream Editor
  • The awk Programming Language
  • SQL
  • Time-controlled Actions—cron and at
  • Localisation and Internationalisation
  • The X Window System
  • Linux Accessibility


(or equivalent knowledge)

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German [de] [at] [ch]

  • Student Manual (PDF, A4, 230 pages)
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English [gb] [au] [ie]

  • Student Manual (PDF, A4, 216 pages)
    Last update: Download

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